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10 Types Of Teacher In School | The Project Quote

1. The Dead Poets Society

One, this teacher is a life changer. Right off the bat, they are inspiring, engaging, and funny. They are quite simply too cool for school, and that’s part of what makes them so great. From career advice to writing letters of recommendation, this one will give you the tools you need to succeed, and inspire you at the same time. You will never forget this one. Listen to them and follow their advice for as long as you can – you won’t regret it.

2. The Unfairly Strict One

Assigned seating as far away from your friends as possible, strict homework deadlines, hand-raising to go to the bathroom, and, oh yeah, you can only use one font in a certain size when submitting coursework. They are also a tough grader and do not accept excuses. Sick notes are definitely not accepted. You must be on time, prepared, and have smart questions only to pass their class.

3. The Over It One

This teacher has been in the job for far too long. They don’t care whether you do well or not. Usually, they’re on the brink of retirement, but this isn’t always the case. How do you know if your teacher is an over it? They’re always tired, always a bit grumpy, and gave up trying a long time ago.

4. The Young One

This teacher is fresh out of university and very passionate about getting you to learn. On the plus side, they’re also relatable and won’t yet have turned into an unapproachable, unfeeling robot. At the beginning of the year, they might sweat through their clothes, or appear to be on the verge of crying. How can you get on their good side? Raise your hand when no one else will.

5. The Chill One

When this teacher sets coursework, you get the feeling it’s more of a suggestion than an order. This teacher really wants to be your friend, and will probably add you on social media when you graduate.

6. The High-Energy Teacher

You’ve surely seen them go viral on social media with their morning warm-up videos, dancing on desks, rapping grammar lessons, and chanting their hearts out. It’s a mystery where they find all the energy and physical endurance to do it every day, but like energizer bunnies, they keep going and going and going.

7. The Heartfelt Teacher

This is the teacher who would do anything for their students. They lose sleep at night thinking about ways to help the struggling ones. You’ll see students’ drawings hung up all over their walls, their desktops and drawers are full of random gifts every student ever gave them, and you might catch them tearing up over an “aha” moment or a simple sentimental gesture. You’ll see a lot of old students stopping by to say hello to this teacher, and they’ll never forget the names of all their “kids”.

8. The Know-It-All Teacher

This teacher has memorized all the latest research on best teaching approaches. They’re often the one volunteering to run the Professional Development meetings and sending staff-wide emails about the best teacher conferences to attend. Truth is, they’re extremely passionate about the science behind teaching and got into this profession because of their love for learning. However, they’re also probably the ones asking a question at the end of staff meetings to prolong them another 10-15 minutes!

9. The Always-Complaining Teacher

This one has had enough of the school system. Whenever you run into them, they always have a story to tell. The second they see another adult, they explode with everything that sets them off so far that day. Misbehaving students, annoying parents, the unannounced observation, the pointless staff meeting, that other teachers they don’t like. They’re also often cracking sarcastic comments during staff meetings, adding a little humor to the party

10. The Fashionable Teacher

This teacher might not always be on time or have the best-looking classroom, but they always come to school in style. Even when their world is turned upside-down, they’re on the verge of a mental breakdown, they always look like they’ve got their shit together. How they do it, we’ll never know


By Srilekha Mitra

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