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Annoying things your best friend does

1. Your best friend is always ready to take a bite of your food, even when you had asked them a minute ago if they are hungry, and their answer was a clear no.

2. Your best friend borrows things from you and forgets if they ever belonged to you because what's yours is theirs too.

3. Your best friend never leaves a single chance to embarrass you when your crush passes by.

4. Your best friend asks you to advise for the same problem a hundred times when both of you know they'll do what they want.

5. Your best friend emotionally blackmails you to lie to their parents about their grades and girlfriends/boyfriends.

6. Your best friend becomes the world's best driver when someone else is driving. Their directions are always misleading and scare you to death, and all you pray for is a safe journey.

7. Your best friend fills you up with spoilers, and that's the most annoying thing about watching any movie together.

8. There's nothing more stressful than your best friend having an ugly picture of you which they use as a decoy to get their job done.

9. Committing the same relationship mistakes over and over again is their forte. You lend your shoulder to them to cry on and provide an honest opinion, but they end up making the same relationship mistakes even after an hour of your preaching.

By Adity Sinha

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