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Dialogues From YJHD That Give Us Life Lessons | 8 Years Of YJHD

1. Main udna chahta hun, daudna chahta hun, girna bhi chahta hun. Bas, rukna nahi chahta

These words are an embodiment of inspiration to all those bewildered souls who aren't brave enough to chase their dreams. Bunny's optimism instills their inner faith and infuses in their heart an indomitable spirit to triumph over every hurdle, life puts in their way.

2.  Khud pe daaya karna band karo, aur khud se pyaar karna dekho

We often detest ourselves when we feel like an outcast in a society of akin. These lines gently remind us to embrace and love ourselves the way we are because every human being is flawed and it's our imperfections that make us unique and quirky.

3. Jitna bhi try karo, kuch na kuch toh chhotege hi. Isiliye yahin, isi pal ka maza lete hain.

At a certain point in life, we all turn into Bunny, running in the rat race, ignoring our loved ones in order to tick off all the wishes from our bucket list. But amidst everything, our life gets devoid of peace and though we search for 'it' by fulfilling our aspirations, there's a sense of void that always persists within our parched souls. However, these words by Naina are the epitome of wisdom that awakens our conscience and teaches us that no matter how much hard we try it's impossible for us in one life to achieve all that we have aspired for. Instead living every moment of life with people whom we value is a key to a happy and harmonious life.

4. Kuch logon se saath rehne se hi sab theek ho jata hai

It's an ode to all the people who are our ray of light on days of our plight. Be it any vicissitude of life, there's always a handful of people who never fail to comfort us by telling us, 'Everything will be alright. Aditi through these words made us realize to take a moment and thank those people on whom we can count on our darkest days.

5. Yaadein mithai ki dibbe ki tarah hoti hain, ek baar khula toh sirf ek tukda nahi khaa paoge

When we miss the people who were once a part of our life, the memories we had of them are the only solace we can use as an antidote to recede the excruciating pain of their absence and once we start rejuvenating those memories we delve deeper and deeper until we relive all the moments we once spent with them. Naina's words here paint an image of pragmatism where memories are the only knot that keeps us tied with the certain blissful moments and people whom we lost with time.

6. Waqt, rukta nahi, beet jata hai aur hum kharch ho jaate hain

These words are the painful awakening of the barbaric pangs of time. While Bunny wished to spend time with the people whom he lost and who changed with time, he regretted losing a part of himself consequential of his Promethean aspirations but his mistake confers upon us the realization to live each and every moment of life like there's no tomorrow with the people who love us since 'Time and Tide waits for none'

7. Kahin pe pahunchne k liye kahin se nikalna bahut zaroori hota hai. Sahi waqt pe kat lena chahiye, nahin toh gile-shiqwe hone lagte hain

We often get stuck in certain phases of life which revolve around failures be it beaten dreams or heartbreaks. Holding onto them we drag us down in the abyss of despair. These lines by Bunny germinate in our dreary souls a zeal to unshackle ourselves from the chains of bitterness that at a time constricted us and suffuse through our fragile hearts a ray of hope to move ahead in life in the quest of a new beginning.

8. Shaadi is dal chawal for pachaas saal till you die. Arre life mein thoda bahut keema pav, tangri kebab, hakka noodle bhi hona chahiye na?

The monotony of life often makes us feel dejected and we enter into such a phase when nothing fascinates us. But Bunny's words inculcate inside us the wish to venture into different aspects of life, exploring our capabilities each day thus enriching us with the wisdom of new experiences, leading to the reconciliation of our inner strifes.

By Srilekha Mitra

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