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Haandiwale - A new food venture in town

Yellow Yellow, Pretty Fellow- is the vibe at the kitchen of Haandiwale almost every day. A new food venture in Delhi NCR is the result of 4 passionate food lovers. The team consists of qualified engineers, software developers, and media professionals.

Their love for food brought them to the kitchen with a melting pot of exotic aromas, planning, and execution of orders all throughout the day.

The brown earthen pots lined up at one corner also fills the kitchen with its fragrance - The famous Mitti ki Khushboo fills the air and makes it irresistible.

Amidst the Pandemic food is the biggest savior that comes to everyone's rescue and binds all of us together giving sanity in these uncertain times.

It is quite evident that food binds us all - which is even visible from the way people were constantly looking and googling recipes every day due to cities getting lockdown.

The food delivery venture has come up with the resolution of providing you with aromatic Biryani and some of the most Bihari Cuisines at your doorsteps in a beautiful Mitti Haandi along with seeds to feed your soul by providing you the satisfaction that you are doing your bit for the environment.

What are you waiting for grab your order today?

By Tanya Agrawal

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