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OLD SCHOOL ROMANCE | Unfiltered, Pure, and Rare | The Project Quote

The idea of loving and showing love is different nowadays, but somehow I've always loved the notion of old school romance, it tends to win my heart.

Those gestures make me believe in love even more.

Our elders had set a standard for love and maybe the standards were set so high that now, the new generation finds it difficult to match them.

Do you remember the last time a man pulled out a chair for you? Or the last time someone wrote a letter or note for you?

I don't remember it happening with me, ever.

But even the thought of someone doing it for me gives me chills.

Old school love comes unfiltered, it's pure and rare. It is about the minutest efforts you've put in and made someone feel special. Things aren't rushed, it takes time but it lasts.

Some of us are still old school romantics at hearts waiting for, someone to go on his knees at least, if not the DDLJ moment.

Old school romance is not dramatic much it's that super adorable black and white movie with a classic touch.


By Eshna Gupta

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