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Politics : A Game Of Demand And Supply - POV : The Project Quote

The whole politics works on the model of demand and supply. It's not the government who's alone responsible, it's us who fails the country as a citizen. The government see the demand from social media as well.

We have all the time to share memes but I rarely see people talking about social issues or real issues on their stories. See, you might be apolitical but politics will affect you as well. Even if you're apolitical, there are some issues that you can talk about.

Assam Floods Rape of Tripura Girl in broad Daylight Police brutality. You see the news and let it go because you either have a mentality that "Share krne se kuch nahi hoga, duniya aise hi chalti hai" or "mein kuch nahi kr skta" Nopes, that's wrong.

As every single vote matter, in a similar way every view matter. If you share the important news that needs to be addressed, it will reach more people. The social media, especially Facebook is filled with fake news, why? Because people share it. And we? We just don't care to share

When we start sharing the right news, it will come to notice. The government will know that people want this thing to work on. At the end of the day, the government will do whatever citizens want to get votes. It is just a matter of creating the right demand.

Once your demands are clear, the pressure will grow and that work will be done. Hitler was able to kill millions not because everyone supported him, it was because instead of opposing, people kept quiet because it didn't affect them.

A country like India is capable of everything, literally everything. We have money, manpower, resources. The only thing we lack is creating the right demand. It's a humble request, whenever you see a piece of news that's worth to work upon. Please share.


POV by Vaibhav Rai

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