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Things I liked about Dil Bechara: The Project Quote

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

1. First Frame, itself

The movie starts with a self-musing by our beloved Sushant. It reads: "Perhaps the difference between what is miserable and what is spectacular, lies in the leap of faith."

Doesn't it resonate so much with our own life? This single musing speaks volumes and gives you a slice that the rest of the movie is going to offer.

2. The power of a simple hug

A hug is a sign of affection. It's not bound by any gender.

Feeling depressed? A long, tight hug with someone can take away loads of your burden.

Feeling down and demotivated? Someone's hug with just a few words, "I believe in you. I know you can make it big." and you are back into action.

Just like Kizie Basu describes, "..aisa lagta hai kisi ka akelapan baant rahi hun."

3. Manny's vibes

The ever so charming, one with a killer smile, easy going, self-loving, caring, a survivor of Osteosarcoma and a true Thalaiva and Honey Singh's fan. These qualities still fall short in perfectly describing Immanuel Rajkumar Junior aka Manny. Had it been any other boy, he would not have become successful in teaching Kizie to live life to its fullest.

4. The camaraderie between Manny and JP

JP isn't your usual, expression-less, one who agrees with whatever the hero says type of sidekick. He's so fun, with a "Jalebi" like face.

Every Munna needs a Circuit,

Every Jai needs a Veeru.

In the same way, Manny's life, or rather JP's world is incomplete without Manny. In fact, he doesn't want to see a world without Manny.

5. Pushpinder

I know the name of the oxygen tank which Hazel used to carry in TFIOS is Philip. But don't you think Pushpinder sounds so much cooler? Nope?

Okay, think like this: The Oxygen tank has a trolley kinda appearance. So you need to 'push' the handle whenever you aren't moving. Hence Pushpinder.

I liked it.

6. Abhimanyu Veer

Abhimanyu Veer is too arrogant and self-centered. He shouldn't have treated his genuine fans as he did. When he wrote in his mail, "Music banaya nahi jaata, woh andar se aata hai!" every artist felt that to the core.

Saif Ali Khan, you owned those few moments.

7. Thalaiva

Dear Hollywood freaks, you don't ask for logic when American films show you action sequences. But poke your nose when Rajni Sir fires a bullet, which on its way, splits into four parts. Such ungrateful cinephiles.

For you, I quote Manny:

"Hollywood kare toh wow,

Tollywood kare toh how."

8. Manny's Naani

Her gently stroking the head while one feels down makes everything light and soothing.

Her lap is comfortable and one feels like a small kid, once again.

Aren't all our Naanis the same.

She even accepted JP as her family and took care of both Manny and JO.

Having grandparents is truly a bliss.

9. The whole movie

Manny and Kizie were incomplete. At least in medical terms. But together, they were complete. Manny is just a boy next door. He brought out the actual, braver version of Kizie. He made her fall in love with herself, which ultimately made the entire world around her beautiful. Dil Bechara had etched a special corner in all our hearts, for 'hamesha!'

Seri, Sushant?

By Anubhav Pati

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