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Times when Bollywood didn't fail to give reason to adore women on screen


Piku taught us that everything is important, but what's most important is only you. Where her baba always taught her to be independent, she taught us to live all the dreams we always want, never fearing society.


Mary battled out her struggles, she kicked her fears, it's never easy for a woman to be a lover, a wife, a mother, and then being just a woman who wants to follow her passion. Mary taught us to fight, within and out.


Amrita taught us that love is important in a relationship, but self-respect is important too. She stood for herself, not ever settling for less than what she deserved. They say always to compromise, and when they say it next time, just ask why.


The Kargil girl flew up making the sky her limit and her character was portrayed as beautiful on screen as she is. In the patriarchal society, she not only did make her place, but her captivating attitude also gave us a lesson we won't ever be taught out.


Where we are appreciating all the beautiful lady, we can not skip this girl who fought it all alone with fearlessness, being fierce and bold. It's truly said, Women can be a Durga to bless you with happiness and can turn out to be a Kali when needed.


In this misogyny society, women are told to speak less, sit with crossed legs, being okay with everything, she taught us to speak for what we think is right. She taught me to be unapologetically bold.


Bulbul fought out her own devils. She taught us it's you who needs to battle out your wars. It's you who needs to be brave. And she did it for herself and for all those innocent girls, who need to be a Bulbul, for evils living around.


She taught us to live, love, and scream. We live for once. It's so easy if you know what you want. Just celebrate for what you are, and be proud of what you have turned out to be.

There are still many beautiful women around. Shashi, who taught us that age is just a number. Naina, who taught its never too late to find the real you. And why talk about Shashi, Veronica, Naina. You all are beautiful too. Just keep a belief and you can conquer the world.

By Tanya Vatsa

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