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Top 10 Disney Characters That Are Loved By Everyone

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Today is the birthday of Walt Disney, the pioneer of the animation industry, the one who created dozens of cartoon characters that are loved by children around the globe. In 2019, Disney is one of the biggest companies in the world and growing rapidly.

Disney gave us remarkable characters that are remembered by the world. Here are the top 10 characters in our list that are loved by everyone.

10. Mr. MOSEBY (Suite Life of Zack and Cody)

As children, we might look at him as a strict and uptight fun-killer but as a grown-up, we realize how he is a thorough gentleman. He takes care of London not because she is his boss’ daughter but because he thinks of her as family. He might come off as a rule-abiding boss but he always has his employee’s back. He helps Carrie raise the boys as a single mother while pursuing a career and also sticks up for Maddie. Deep down he has an immense father like concern for the biggest pains in his ass – Zack and Cody.

9. GENIE (Aladdin)

Genie is a lot more than just a wish-granting machine to Aladdin. He is a guide and a motivator who brings the best out of him. He makes him stay true to his real self and teaches him how to be a prince in and out. He not only grants Aladdin the due wishes but a lot more that he never asks for. Being a prisoner for centuries, his freedom is the most important thing to him but he gets ready to give it up for his buddy. His amazing comic timing makes every moment with him a blast.

8. DORY (Finding Nemo)

Dory is not a regular sidekick. She is funny, kind, and intelligent, all at once. She is so helpful that she is ready to help a stranger find his son. She often gives the best life advice and her quotes can spread positivity all around any day. She never lets her wit and humor fade away. Disney has not been very depictive of mental issues with their characters and so Dory with the very real memory problem comes a fresh breath of air.

7. BELLE (Beauty and the Beast)

Belle is probably the most relatable Disney princess. She is a bibliophile, she is intelligent, though she is an introvert, she never shies away from speaking her mind. When the world rejects her for this, she still sticks true to herself. She is a rebel and finds a way to love the most unlikely person- the beast.

6. MAXIMUS (Tangled)

Maximus, the palace horse is hands down the coolest and funniest Disney character. He is loyal and does everything he can to catch the enemies. When he learns about Rapunzel’s dream, he decides to let Flynn go despite his utter dislike for him. We learn about his kind heart when he ends up saving Flynn from execution at the end. He is courageous and has a brilliant presence of mind which he uses to help others multiple times throughout the movie.


Phineas and Ferb spoke the heart of all us kids when they talked about how boring long summer vacations can get and how we could go to any extent to find something new to do every day. Every experiment with them took us for a ride full of curiosity. They made holidays more exciting for all of us. Also, they made the best team ever with quiet Ferb and super talkative Phineas.

4. OLAF (Frozen)

We can never have enough of the friendliest snowman who makes everyone fall for him in a matter of a few seconds. His unbreakable optimistic spirit and the need to put others before himself were spectacular. His innocent excitement for summers without knowing what it would bring for him was both funny but painful to watch. He saved Anna and when Elsa gave him his private snow cloud, we loved her more than before. He is a character worth melting for.

3. WOODY (Toy Story)

He is not shown as a perfect character and I am so thankful for that. We have all been in situations like his when we are filled with envy on seeing our friends bond with new people. We are all scared to be replaced in someone’s life who is irreplaceable to us. It was very relatable to watch him overcome his insecurities and accept Buzz. His care and concern for Andy was remarkable and left us longing for such toys who become family.


He is annoying and self-absorbed but he is also compassionate and kind. He goes out of his way to fulfill Rapunzel’s lifelong dream. He is honest and does not hide is love for money out of the fear of being judged. He is flawed but his love for Rapunzel is perfect. Tangled to me was a journey from being annoyed by him to falling in love with all his little quirks.

1. ALEX RUSSO (Wizards of Waverly Place)

She is not your regular girly girl but a tomboy who keeps looking for trouble. She might come off as a selfish brat sometimes but deep down she has a pure heart. Her adventures while exploring her magical world are so engrossing. She is real and makes mistakes as we all do. She loves her family and friends. Watching her fight vampires, fall in love with werewolves and screw up simple hamburger spells, we all had the most magical times of our childhood.

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