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When Kunal Kamra met Arnab on a flight. What happened next?

You all might be aware of Kunal Kamra (nahi pata, sacchi nahi pata, jao pehle youtube pe video dekho) and Arnab Goswami. These two people, in their ideologies, are at two different extreme ends.

Arnav Goswami, a right-wing political supported who never leaves a chance to shout at the people(only non-BJP) he invites for debates. On the other hand Kunal Kamra, a comedian who always takes a dig on the current government. He uses sarcasm to criticize the government and is hated by Bhakts.

These two people are never supposed to meet, but God(i don't know which one) has different plans. They ended up on the same flight and check what happened next:

What are your views on this? Tell us in the comments.

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