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Why is validation by people so important?

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

3 AM thought.

Why is validation by people so important?

I mean if you put on a beautiful dress according to you, then it is a beautiful dress and if you think you look good in it, then it is true.

Why does someone has specifically mention and appreciate it?

And it's after that you feel content.

Sounds so lame.

Well, it is.

This is just a mere example, the issues are huge and far more lame than this one.

Why can't one just feel beautiful in a simple dress?

But has to put on one to experience the feeling. The beautiful dress is the metaphorical mask and we put them on and hide our naked emotions. Showing veiled sentiments we stress that we're fine. We're lost in the dark.

What if we turned the light on and we just got honest? Easy said than done. I've tried doing that and I've failed miserably. You might go ahead and may all the odds be in your favor. You'll either be cornered or choke yourself.

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