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5 Reasons why you should watch Masaba Masaba

5 Reasons why you should watch Masaba Masaba

1. The show revolves around the lives of actress Neena Gupta and ace designer Masaba Gupta and how they manage to take their worlds by storm even when their lives are a ‘hot mess’.

2. Neena Gupta is a pleasure to watch. Her humility and authenticity are inspiring. Having no dearth of troubles, the grace and poise with which she conducts herself is something to learn from.

3. The national award-winning actress does not shy away from publicly asking for work. How cool is that? Many of us would never even be able to think of something like that. Our fragile egos wouldn’t let us. I wish I was as passionate and courageous.

4. It’s a wholesome and light-hearted show about two women who are unapologetically themselves and even though their lives may be a hot mess, they still manage to make it all work out for the best.

5. For the first time, we see designer Masaba Gupta in a whole new light. Her life is not as easy either and we get front row seats to the myriad of emotions and the everyday troubles that she faces. The way she triumphs over her personal and professional battles with sheer grit and determination is nothing short of amazing.


By Madhura Chowdhury

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