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A Day Without You Feels Like Ages

Well, everybody says that a day without someone in our life feels like ages and I never experienced that until I met you. I never thought that this would actually happen in someone's life and now see; here I am experiencing the things that I used to usually just ignore.

If I were to look around, I would say you have made my life a thousand times better. You added sweetness to my life of solitude. If you don't call or text me for any reason, I start overthinking about all the reasons that would have precluded you from doing so. I genuinely care about you. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again: if you ever feel down or like giving up, don't forget that I'm always here for you.

7 billion people in the world, but your smile is the one I adore the most.

7 billion people in the world, but you are the one who makes me smile like crazy.

7 billion people in the world, but you are the one who brings peace to my soul.

7 billion people in the world, but you are the only one to whom I can tell anything without the fear of being judged.

My heart hurts whenever you say anything bad about yourself simply because of the things you have gone through at some point in your life. I can accept you not responding to me well when you're down, but I can't accept you going through difficult times by yourself. I will always be by your side and stand beside you.

As you entered my life like a gleaming spark,

I will be there to illuminate your time in the dark.

By Bhavika Mehra

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