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Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin - Agneepath - Song Synopsis - The Project Quote

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

Loss is inevitable. When we apprehend that we have lost our most precious worldly possession, that last ray of light which came as hope in dark melancholic nights, and our heart is throbbing with deep remorse of being helpless, but all of a sudden we draw the curtains and realize it's dawn, a start of a beautiful morning, and our loved ones are ringing the doorbell outside and we are rapturously overwhelmed for their return. Exactly. That outbursting emotion is what ‘Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin’ limelights on.

अभी मुझ में कहीं, बाकी थोड़ी सी है जिन्दगी

जागी धड़कन नई जाना ज़िन्दा हूं मैं तो अभी

In the mental trauma of an unexpected heavy loss, we somewhere start losing ourselves. We try to make ourselves forget them, but eventually, that racking guilt and pain pricks every moment, and we end up being powerless. But as if that's a twist of destiny, we find them standing with an innocent smile as if waiting for a warm big hug from us, and we cry our hearts out by kneeling and open-handedly call them to touch our hearts with theirs.

That joyous moment is out of the universe. We feel our heart pumping fresh blood of optimism, reflexing our brain to shed a happy tear from the eyes that infinitely wished for this moment to happen. We start living the life we lost.

कुछ ऐसा ही महसुस दिल को हो रहा बरसों के पुराने ज़ख्मों पे मरहम लगा सा है कुछ एहसास है, इस लम्हे में है;

ये लम्हा कहाँ था मेरा?

We find ourselves in new horizons. Getting them back into our lives feels like our soul quenched our thirst and found a shed after walking miles in the deserted desert. We sense the ailments being applied to our wounds and broken heart that starts healing. We wish the moment to freeze itself as we embrace them warmly.

The kite that had a broken string is now flying high in the sky and is not easy to catch and trap this time. Beautifully sung by Sonu Nigam, this song brings life back in those broken bones that crave for its marrow, in those red cells of blood that yearn for their platelets, and in that body which hankers for a happy soul.

We don't know how to react, how the grip the passing time. We don't think of the moment that is yet to come, we just enjoy the way it.

We don't know how to react, how the grip the passing time. We don't think of the moment that is yet to come, we just enjoy the way it is now. And the way the moment wants us to enjoy it.


By Jigyansu Das

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