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Aditi's journey is a reminder when the universe puts us through Avi, it's preparing us for our Tarun

A few minutes in the movie and we understood Aditi's one-sided love for Avi and Avi's complete oblivion to her emotions. We all waited for the moment when Avi would finally realize what he has and change his ways because that's the thing about 'Avis', we are so blinded by our love for them, we overlook all their flaws.

When Aditi decided to get married and not to Avi, I much like Bunny was quick to judge Tarun as a rebound, a compromise, and I wished she would not give up so soon, not settle for the boring engineer type guy but Boy! Were we wrong!!

Tarun is what every Aditi deserves. Avi is a gush of fresh air and passion but Tarun is peace and warmth and there is nothing that heart craves like some peace and warmth.

Once in a while, we meet a Tarun who looks at us with so much love and respect, that we forget all the pain and bruises of the past and life starts feeling worthwhile again. The best kind of love is the one that makes us fall in love with ourselves. Tarun gives us that love.

When Aditi said that it was after meeting Tarun that she realized she could be happy too, I knew that feeling. Some people come to us as an answer to all the questions life threw at us over the years and all those regrets and sorrows of the past start making sense.

Aditi's journey is a reminder that when the universe puts us through Avi, it's just preparing us for our Tarun.

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