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An Open Letter To Some Important Men In My Life

To my dad

You're the person I trust the most everyone says that I'm a copy of you, you're behaviour, your body language everything

last year someone said "you're his daughter na you look same"

I was like yeah he's my father I was so happy hearing this you're the best example of a true human being in my life

No words can describe my immense love for you

Love you to the moon and back

To my brother

You know what I love you. You were there with me when no one showed up. Maybe we're not related by blood but I know you're the closest person to me. From helping me with homework to helping me deal with school bullies

You were always there and I'm grateful that you're in my life

To my male bestfriend

I was more of an introvert and shy back in my school days but look this idiot made me an extrovert. The person who's never bored with my illogical talks. The person who's never annoyed by whatever I call him. The person I appreciate a lot

To the teacher who never behaved like one

I just wanted to thank you for being so friendly to me. Like talking to you I never realised I'm talking to a teacher or someone not of my age group. Just thank you for helping me with my studies too

Whatever I'm today is just because of you

To the love of my life

First of all, I love you, I love you for believing in me, for inspiring me to do everything for helping me with every single problem in my life, for being patient with my Mood swings, for everything. Thank you for being there with me

To that Zomato wale bhaiya

I know no one does this generally but thank you for your service. You're the one who gets me delicious food at any hour. When I'm having a bad day I always order a cake from you to help me with it. When I miss my mom's handmade food I just Scroll down Zomato n boom I get delicious Chinese food in minutes

To ola/ uber wale Bhaiya

Thank you for driving me home safely after extra hours of work at night. or when I'm drunk thank you for making me believe that not everyone is a bad person

By Shiksha

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