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Beete Lamhe - Song Synopsis - The Project Quote - KK - Mithoon

To Beete Lamhe,

It's almost been 13 years of 'Beete Lamhe' and yet we're not over it. Beete Lamhe is a type of song that makes you think or let's say which force you every time to go to your phone's playlist and listen to it again and again.

You always smile a bit more while listening to it, perhaps it makes you feel good and also the real trigger making you feel different emotions at the same time. This song has it's own sadness around it, and at times it also forces you to feel it differently.

Beete Lamhe is flawless to our mind and pleasure for our ears. The composition of the song is so good that it can make you feel complete with yourself or break you from inside remembering the times you spent with the one you thought was 'forever and after'.

You keep on thinking, there was something about us, we created memories, conversations till 3 am, pictures and thousands of moments. Even if those pictures of the moments and memories are no longer in the gallery of your phone but we save them with backups on hard drives of our brain.

The first time I heard 'Beete Lamhe' was on a road trip with family and I was engaged then. And the last time I heard was the previous night at 1 am, each time I have paid attention to the lyrics, I have been overcome by things I don't say anymore but the lyrics and the tone remind me of the times we spend together and it gives flashbacks of people, places, and emotions linked with that song.

I can't thank @kk enough for this lovely masterpiece. The deep neutral connection this song creates of both Love and heartbreaks and a wide range of joyful and painful memories is immensely good. And each of us can never forget that bond with existed ones.

I personally never knew one single song could bring back a thousand memories until BEETE LAMHE happened.

Dard mai bhi ye lab, muskura jate hai

Beete lambhe humein jab bhi yaad ate hai


By Ritoja Dey

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