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Birthday Letter to KK as he turns 50 - Happy Birthday - The Project Quote

To KK, Is there anyone, who's unknown to this name? Is there anyone, who doesn't know who KK is? I guess, no!! Cause KK is not just a singer, he is love to all. Sir, your voice is so soothing that it gives me enough relief. I usually put some of your songs on repeat mode, like "dil ibadat", "zara sa", "haan tu hain" (favorite forever), "kya mujhe pyar hai", "tujhe sochta hun", and many many more. Literally, all your songs take me to a different world. They're so deep that they always rule my playlists. You're such a talented man that even words seem less to appreciate you. You have sung more than 500+ songs for Bollywood to date and this is an amazing achievement that makes you one of the greatest singers of all time. Apart from Bollywood songs, you have lent your voice to almost 3000 jingles. In fact, it was with jingles you started off your career. In 1985, your first jingle with Loy Mendonsa came up. As soon as the jingle went on-air, people started noticing your voice. Happy Birthday, KK. Wishing you the entire happiness in this world. With love, Someone whose playlist is full of your songs.


By Mohan Nasre & Sakshi Agrawal

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