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BJP Supporters Honey Trapped people on twitter to support CAA

Recently, the BJP government had launched a number on which people can leave miss calls to support CAA. In this digital world where everyone is on social media, there are some BJP supporters on twitter who are honey trapping users to support CAA.

Here are some tweets:

Vinita Hindustani shared this. We checked her profile, with more than 89k followers, she defined herself as "Daughter of India | Hindu by the grace of God | Views are my Own | Teacher | Social worker | EX Secular" on her bio. Later she deleted the tweet.

Another account with username @wocharlog and over 9000 followers, shared a dozen of fake tweets to get missed calls. Later this account deleted a few tweets.

Another tweeter user with over 9000 followers tweeted this, which she further deleted.

When Twitterati caught her, she even gave an explanation of why she and her friends are doing this.

Later she deleted this tweet too.

There are also some men who used the same honey trapping techniques. One user with more than 25k followers tweeted this.

We checked his profile and it is full of tweets and RT which spread hate for Islam.

Some accounts trapped people to give free credentials of streaming service Netflix for 6 months.

But Netflix India was quick enough to catch and reply to him.

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