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Bollywood Songs For Friendship Day

Bollywood gave us immense pleasure by the soothing songs on friendship that remind us we still hold some of the great bonds with the great pupils of our lives.

The special ones are:


The KK supremacy is that strong as you and your best friend's friendship. Already, though you have everything, you always need that one friend who scolds you in your wrong takes, switches on to be the shade of liveliness in the dark time of sadness, dances in your glee, and stands by you every time.

Who resides you deep down his heart, shares tough times, and lives jollity with you. You are blissful if you've already got one. Hold on to them for eternity.

Atrangi Yaari

It starts on a joyous note that how beautifully does the rhythm of this song makes me down to the feel of dancing around the best persons I've got in my life. The way they stay at every turn of our lives, walks in every next step without caring of theirs, make us believe in all the opportunities, and flushes away all of our worries. Can't even be more grateful in this chaotic world to find the eyes who are seeking your love and the ears who await to listen to your stupid gossips. The worst of your mistakes turns out to be an unsolved joke in front of them.

Tera Yaar Hoon Main

The compilation of Arijit's voice & prompt friendship is the supremacy to believe. Sonu seeks for all the happiness his friend Titu deserves, from giving up his toys, facing the punishment instead, fighting and losing to see his sweet smile of victory.

We all need this Sonu in our lives who understands us at every bit though we never share our thoughts just like I want a drink and he holds the bar. 'A friend is the only therapy you need'. Every time. Everywhere. For eternal.

Yaara Teri Yaari

Those 3 A.M. texts when you've been crying after a break-up and all you have is the ongoing call with your best friend, consoling you, holding all ears to your talks, singing your favorite songs to cheer you up, and finally, struggling with his sleep all night.

Darshan Rawal depicts wonderfully how a friend catches your talks even without words, takes out happiness even in your pains, heads on to fight for you but never against you.

Your ride & die mate of yours is someone you need to grab on to, through the toughest of times, through the darkest of days, he is the one who chooses you every time over everything and even yourself.

Woh Din

Take me back to that nostalgic era I see when I turn over the pages of those golden memories when nobody cared for careers, mind revolved around the lunch boxes of mates, every second hour was of bottle filling and just not of self but everyONE, working on the works that were actually warned not to be done, the craze of sharing things whosoever gets first, and the best times with the best people ever.

-woh din bhi kya din the-

By Riya Kanwal

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