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Dear Guy Best Friend, You Are More Than That | Open Letter

Dear "GUY" best friend,

Today, I wanna confess something to you. Although my list of negative things about you is far bigger than the list of your positive points. Sorry, just kidding. Don't get angry. You know me na.

You are special. I never said, but you are. You are the person with whom I can share everything. You listen to my continuous blabbers and silly talks without even saying a word. You make me feel important. You know me better than anyone would ever know about me. You are my heartbeat. I can't stay away from you. I felt like dieting if I don't see you for a single day.

You and Me, the perfect match anyone would ever come across. Though we are not perfect separately but together we are. We fit like pieces of a puzzle. You care for me like a mother. You are possessive for me as a father. You are my secret keeper like a sister. You protect me like a brother. You never let me feel lonely. I am very lucky to get you even if I have to tolerate your nonsense. I need you.

We are the duo whom people admire and are jealous of. Seeing our closeness, they tag us as a couple and we just shrug it off. But you know what, deep inside, in the corner of my heart, I so wish that it will be true one day. I want you to hold my hands forever. I want you to be the shoulder on which I can cry upon as always. When people ask me what he is to you, I say he is my best friend, ignoring my heart, which madly wants to scream that he is more than just a best friend.

As the dialogue is, love is friendship. I want that to be true for us. My day starts with imagining your smiling face and ends with me falling asleep while dreaming about you. But it so hurts when you talk about any other girl in front of me. It so hurts when you go on saying about her likes and dislikes. You know it the worst day of my life when you told me that you love her. It hurt so badly when you ignore me for her. But I never said. Because my happiness lies in your happiness.

Remember the day, when you broke up with her? You broke down in my embrace. Tears welled up in my eyes seeing your state. It was so hard for you to move on. But, you did. I felt so proud of you at that moment. Real happiness was seeing you coming back to yourself. You remember, when we were playing truth or dare and I was asked to confess my secret? I so wanted to tell you my feelings at that time, but I didn't. I was afraid to confess you know because I thought that I might end up losing you as a friend. I didn't want to lose you. Losing you was my biggest fear, is and will always be.

And as said, something is better than nothing. I want us to be friends if we cant be soulmates. I want to see you happy. You are my monkey. I can't see you sad. I would prefer to die than to see tears in your eyes. I can't let you go even if you want me to. I will never ever forget you. No matter how far we will be. Even if destiny wants you and me to be away. But you will always reside in my heart. I will always love you. I am all yours to keep, to love, to cherish. No matter if you ain't mine. I will always be yours. Last but not the least, remember that I love you.

Forever yours.

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