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Dear Life, you are the best teacher | Open Letter | The Project Quote

Dear life,

To be honest, I was annoyed with you for a really long time. Why couldn’t you be as easy as that of the people around me? Why did you have to put me through all the hardships again and again? Was there no limit to all that I should bear?

I wanted to buy that dress, but you said no. I wanted that guy to like me, but you refused. I wanted that job, but you said I wasn’t ready. I wanted to look prettier but you shoved the mirror in my face instead. It was the same almost every time. You hardly ever said yes to me. Why did you like to see me getting bruised time and again?

I kept wondering why till one day I realised, that one heartbreak didn’t affect me as much anymore. I didn’t get that job but I understood that I needed to work harder. I didn’t look like a runway model but that was okay. For some reason, I had started liking myself a little more.

I realised that every time you struck me down, you also gave me the strength to stand back up and keep going.

You said no because you knew I was meant for something even better.

So thank you. Thank you for being the most badass teacher I could ever get.


By Madhura Chowdhury

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