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Death tolls crossed 15,000 globally, 1 lakh recovered: The Project Quote News

On Monday, the global death toll from coronavirus has crossed 15,000. More than 3.5 lakh people got infected, out of which around 1 lakh people recovered from the virus. These are the official numbers that I am talking about here.

In India, the total confirmed cases are around 430 as of now. Experts say that the numbers are low because very few people are tested in India. India is only testing people with travel history to the affected country and people who came in contact with confirmed cases.

Italy, China, Spain, and Iran are the most affected countries with 5476, 3270, 2206, 1812 death respectively. India recorded 8 deaths from coronavirus.

India is taking strict actions to lockdown states to avoid spread of the virus. But there are videos coming out from India where people are not taking the lockdown seriously but the government directed states to use law and order to enforce lockdown. Story by Vaibhav Rai

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