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'Dil Bechara' Is An (Un)Fairy Tale, A Living Eulogy

Dearest Manny,

Immanuel Rajkumar Junior, you are as rare as your name. You know being a typical Bollywood fan I just believed in the perfect 'desi happy endings' where all the inevitable storms come to an end with the hero embracing the heroine in his arms. But then you came and changed everything, from the meaning of forever to the perfect happy endings, everything. You gave me forever in just a few hours. A forever where the promise to love each other is more important than the one of living together.

Manny, I wish I can fall in love, a love as strong as yours. The one that you immortalized in death. You made us dance with you, laugh with you, and above all you gave Kizie and each one of us a life that we forgot to live. Your charm, your charisma even made cancer powerless and death hopeless.

'I am a fighter and I fought well' and see how easily you created that awe-struck effortless magic and an aura of captivating elation. Did you want to be like Rajni sir, right?

But see here you've created a place in everybody's heart becoming a hero that even 'Thalaiva' would admire.

From being a perfect friend to a perfect lover you were everything. Remember how J.P. didn't want to see a world without you and your heartthrob smile.

As Kizie said your 'exit' was even more heart-wrenching as it hit so close to reality after that unbelievable demise of Sushant.

Red filter lagane se toh Mr. India bhi mil jata hai na!! Aapko kis rang me dhundun mai batao? What can I do to see you on that silver screen again sir?

'Dil Bechara' is a (un)fairy tale, a living eulogy but above all, it was one of your best works, and to be honest you did put every ounce of your blood to make this movie so iconic. We had tears flowing from our eyes with each passing frame realizing that this is the last time we'll be watching your ecstatic smile. But to find a silver lining amongst all of these black clouds. I'll be looking up at the brightest star tonight humming

"Mai jaadon ke mahine ki tarah

tum jaise ho pashmine ki tarah"

hoping that you'll be looking upon us with those same childlike eyes

Till then.

Seri! Sushant️

& We'll miss you!!

By Anannya Pal

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