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Durgamati - Of Myths And Beliefs

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

Life can be stranger than fiction, and there are things in this world that no one can explain. When Chanchal Chauhan, a former IAS officer has jailed which of course was a conspiracy, by others who wanted to put her in a situation where she couldn't fight and was put behind the bars for killing the love of her life allegedly.

However, being a woman of strength and courage, she chooses to avenge her anger out for being wrong.

There comes a time where we get saturated enough, adjusting with situations we are going through, and that's when you need someone to hold you, the way Chanchal did. The entire thing revolves around corruption and conspiracy, which is sadly true, it breaks you down eventually.

Ishwar Prasad, a greedy and dishonest politician tried using Chanchal as a weapon, to become a synonym for power. Later we see It's not about the spirit taking revenge, but about the uncertainty and lies that let you down into myth and beliefs.

From someone who loved watching this,

Tanya Vatsa

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