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Hogwarts Is A Place Where We Learn About Hope, Faith, Magic, Muggles, And Of Course About Friendship

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Hogwarts is an ideal place for millions of people here. It's a place where we learn about hope, faith, some magic, muggles, and of course about friendship.

The most iconic and favorite trio Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Have you ever noticed whenever we spell out one of these names the other one comes out naturally? That's the power of true friendship. This trio initiated to construct and then solidifies the walls of their rock-solid friendship in such a way that it became unbreakable over time.

There are moments that I can count that teaches us about friendship but the memorable one was Harry dropping down the invitation to join with Draco for getting popularity and that pureblood thing instead he chooses to be with Ron, he chooses loyalty and honesty over reputation and teaches us that age doesn't count on friendship.

Friendship is all about being together during thick and thins and not cutting them down even in the hard times. Harry and Hermione almost risk their lives when Padfoot took Ron away from them. They crossed down through the dangerous whooping willow just to save Ron. Harmoine's acts were appreciable when, with the bravery, she stood in front of Harry and looked straight into lupins and Sirius's eyes and said "Before harry, you've to kill me."

The life at Hogwarts took a dark swing with the arrival of Umbridge and that was the part where Ron and Hermione made Harry understand his powers and his wizarding skills. They join hands together and deal with these tough times instead of breaking apart. As they grew up their friendship was unimaginable.

Harry's friends vow to join him on his huge journey ahead without worrying about the results. Yeah, the trio had some rains and lightenings but they couldn't stay away for longer and get back together in those bad breaks.

The story of their friendship is suspicious and has full of magics just like their wizarding world, but I would say these rules of friendship can also be applicable in this muggle world.

Raising wands in the name of your friendship!


By Shivani Naidu

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