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Hours-long seige in Kabul Gurdwara killed dozens of people - ISIL claimed : TPQ News

Sikhs, fewer than 300 families, have suffered widespread discrimination and have also been targeted by armed groups.

On 25 March, Afghan forces killed gunmen who attacked a Sikh temple in the capital, Kabul, resulting in hours-long seize that killed 25 people including a child, the Ministry of Interior reported. The attack was claimed by ISIL (ISIS) armed group. Witness told AFP that a man dressed in a police uniform burst into the temple in central Kabul, shot a guard and then started attacking worshippers in the main hall.

Later, the attacker was joined by his comrades, entered room to room and shot people, the witness said. Later in the day, interior ministry spokesman Tariq Arian said to the journalists, telling about the operation by the security force and all the attackers are killed.

Story by Prachi Dharamshaktu

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