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I can never get over

1. The way granny's lips curled into a smile whenever I secretly gave her a scoop of ice cream from my share.

2. The smell of the bouquet of those fresh roses, which dad places in front of mom's photograph every year as a remembrance of their anniversary

3. The yellow-tinged pages of my diary stinking of wilted sunflower, a souvenir from my last love.

4. My late-night blabberings to my best friend over a phone call and the way she patiently listened to all of it.

5. Those fights with my siblings during Diwali over who will eat the last piece of Kaju Katli.

6. The mass bunks with my gang of friends and then staying extra hours in school shouldering the punishment.

7. The first time my heart skipped a beat when I saw my crush grinning.

8. The taste of mom's special curry still lingers in my mouth.

9. Grandpa's stories of how he and grandma kept their love alive exchanging letters.

10. The poems where I once poured my heart out for a person who never loved me the way I wanted.

11. Those momo dates with my dad on days when I felt sad.

12. The symphonies of retro melodies filled my heart with ecstasy.

13. The unrequited love exuded by poems of Pablo Neruda.

14. The thrilling experience of my first rollercoaster ride and the way dad patted my back since I didn't cry.

15. Those merry memories of the simplicity of life devoid of strife.

By Srilekha Mitra

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