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I Know You Are A Little Busy, But Please Take Out The Time To Notice These People

1. Who spare some seconds on the door, after you leave instead of thrashing it harshly. The introvert way of saying goodbye leaves you with a pack of warmth. For a moment life doesn't seem that hard. Does it?

2. Who sits beside you till you too, nicely complete your lunch. Cold food seems warm, with such people around.

3. Who cheated you the whole paper, in the exam themselves running out of time. They sacrificed their wants, to give you your needs.

4. Who comes up at once, on calling them. Bro, It wasn't as easy as they showed. Later they made

it up by toiling hard at night.

5. Who lied at their home,

To get your work done. Hiding your heart from another heart is never easy.

6. Who didn't mind getting trolled, so that the gang gets some topic to laugh on.

7. Who stood with you, when no one did.

By Rounak Maheshwari

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