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Iktara: A single string that tingles every chord of a dreamer | The Project Quote

While wandering along the seashore, when the first swelling wave splashes on your transient feet, and before it recedes, this poignant hear will knock at your doors as a word of conscience, that sometimes it's better to give in and go with the flow, rather than wrangling with it.

The only thing we can do is stop fretting about the bygone and start cherishing the moment staring at you; so that one day when we would flip crinkly pages of the albums and diaries, we would be lucky enough to revive more times of pleasure than regrets.

In due course of life, in certain instances, we chance upon perplexing situations, where we were asked to be selective between the principle essentials of life-love and success, but Iktara gently converges both the parted ways and walks alongside you as a reliable beam of support. Under the gleaming disc of the sun with the onset of monsoon, when the clouds would drift and bombard subtly and would shower the droplets of liveliness on you, Iktara would be a worthy way out.

‘Iktara’ itself is a collection of lullabies, which contradictory won't put you to sleep, rather it would persuade you not only to dream for immaculate love, contentment and success, but also would make you leave no stones unturned to conquer it fervently.

This song delineates a tinder sunflower in your heart and makes you nurture it with care and a tap of responsibility, so that when you sit on a cozy chair in a solitary corner of your balcony, with a mug of brewed black coffee, searching for a scintillating ray of sun amidst the clouds of uncertainty to retrieve ebullience in your heart; the face of that blooming sunflower would find its way towards the sun rays.

Iktara would create an enigma, but would also help you unfold it; would present an array of questions, but would also help you with your answers; but of all, it would help you forget the misfortunes of the past, and revive the long lost energy to destine your fortunes now.

kyunki hame nahi pata

Rut hai ye do pal ki ya rahegi sada?


By Jigyanshu Das

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