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Open Letter to Amit from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na - The Project Quote

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Dear Amit, The first thought that came to my mind when I saw you on screen was- you are a regular annoying brother with the annoying factor ten times aggravated. You were a mystery to everyone around you. The person who never let anyone take a peek into his mind but saw right through everyone. I always wondered how you saw Sushant for exactly who he is so clearly or how you know the hidden feelings of Jay and Aditi when they successfully convinced everyone else of their 'just friends' facade. Maybe it was because you are such a good observer. When you talked to Aditi about how you both grew up and grew apart, I related to you so much. Being seven years younger than my brother, I always thought he grew up too fast. One day he was binge-watching cartoons with me and the next day he was too old to sit and watch silly cartoons and would rather go out to watch movies with his friends. When you told Aditi about why you hated Jay, I remembered every time my brother's friends would come over, I would look at them with envy and wonder why I couldn't be cool like them. You love Aditi nevertheless because she is your first best friend and that's the thing about having a sibling, you may not talk about everything always but you always have someone to talk to. Watching you talk about things I felt as a kid made me want to jump into the screen and bitch with you about our siblings and their friends. We two would make good friends. You were a great artist but you never sought validation from anyone around you. Thank you for being so relatable and so inspiring and for teaching me when life gives us loneliness, we can always turn it into solitude. Love, Swadha Agrawal

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