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Lata Mangeshkar Isn't Just Another Name In The Bollywood Industry

Lata Mangeshkar isn't just a name in the Bollywood industry, her era was spread over six decades and she has blessed the whole world with masterpieces that are passed down from generation to generation. Be it Aye mere watan ke logon, or Mehndi laga ke rakhna, her voice stands par excellence and she'll live on forever in our hearts.

Lag jaa gale - Of love that never dies

"Lag jaa gale" in the legendary voice of Lata Ji is a universal language of romance. It's a song that never fails to hug us with its open arms when we're longing for love. It's an allegory about true love that doesn’t come easy. There are myriad obstacles on the way, but love is working through all of them and coming out happy together.

Ajeeb daastan hai yeh - Embracing the pain of letting go

When Lata Ji said, "Kisi kaa pyar leke tum naya jahan basaoge, Yeh sham jab bhi aayegi tum hamko yad aaoge", we realized the pain of those who have not attained the fulfilment of their love. The song is old, yet every time we listen to it, it always feels young. The song helps us unwind the pain one endures when their love isn't fulfilled.

Tujhe dekha to yeh - To love and be loved

More than being just a song, it's a relic of the bygone age. The song sung by Lata Ji celebrates love and the magic it leaves behind. We all have that person who makes our hearts race faster than the light, and what's more beautiful than finding that someone confessing their love to us with arms wide open in the middle of mustard fields.

Aapki nazron ne samjha - A hymn of gratitude

There are times when we believe that we aren't enough, and no matter what we do, isn't enough. But then, we find someone who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves and makes us realise that we are much more than what we think we are. They see all our flaws, our quirks, our imperfections and still choose to stay by our side. They are the ones who give us the strength to sail across any ocean at the time when storms pass by.

Bahon me chale aao - Of being acknowledged

When we truly are in love with someone, it's hard for us to live without them. And our world seems to be devastated when they start to ignore us even for a while. "Bahon me chale aao" corresponds to soliciting the love and attention we need from someone we love.

Tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi - Questionnaire of a worn out soul

"Tujhse naaraz nahi zindagi" in the magical voice of Lata Ji is a melody that's etched in our hearts like how the epitaph is etched on a tombstone. It's a song that never gets old and continues to live on, in our hearts forever. It is like a treasure that is passed down from generation to generation.

Are re are - Of loving fearlessly

Sung by Lata Ji, "Are re are" is a soft and mellow track that rules everyone's heart no matter how many years comes and go. No matter how old we grow, rooftop, headphones, a cup of tea and this song brings back the memories of our first love, how our heart skipped a beat looking at their flamboyant smile, and how we were standing right there with a bewitching heart.

Tune o rangeele - For bringing the best out of us

When Lata Ji said "Paas bulaake gale se lagaake, Tune to badal daali duniya", we are reminded of how our world became a better place to live because of their presence. Regardless of how damaged we are, we always find their arms to be our safe haven. Love is about finding the one who not only makes our life worth living but also helps us become a better version of ourselves.

RIP (1929-2022) By Adity

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