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Let's be honest, there are not many happy endings in real life: The Project Quote Blog

On some days, I hang on to those half-written stories, stories that you used to narrate to me, but always in pieces, never the whole and before we could reach to the end of it, you used to start the new one saying that you haven't thought about its end yet and me being me I used to make my ends, the way I wanted them to end.

I will admit that I was always a bit irrational with them, always making the twists that I wanted to see in those stories, killing the characters I hated the most and never the logical end, but always the one which made me glad.

And when I told you about my imaginary happy endings, you laughed on me saying that you wouldn't make it to the bestseller or you wouldn't be a good writer and it made me a little sad because I always wanted to be a writer you know, like you.

But then you told me this,

"Your stories must sound real. Sometimes, it's not about endings being happy or sad; sometimes, the reader wants to relate himself with the characters, and let's be honest, there are not many happy endings in real life."

There are only a few Kabir Thapar and Naina Talwar in our society, but there are far too many Aryan Sagar and Alizeh Khan or Kundan Shankar and Zoya Haider or Janardan Jakhar and Heer Kaul. That every Ved is not blessed enough to have Tara in his life, and sometimes, it takes too much effort for even Ved to find his way back to be the Don that Tara fell in love with.

It was heartbreaking, but unfortunately, all you told me was true. And after all this time when I think about it, I still wonder which character I resemble with the most, as you never finished our story too and I'm too afraid to put a full stop now because as you know, I might turn it into one of those with happy endings even after knowing that my stories must sound real.

By Rutvik Rana

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