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Letter To Amitabh Bacchan On His Birthday | The Project Quote

Dear Amit Ji,

You are an epitome of inspiration to us, titled as the Big B of Bollywood, but we all know the hardships you went through in order to achieve this position. You started your career working for a private company in Calcutta where you met the love of your life Jaya Bhaduri but you never stopped chasing your dreams.

Anand marked your true arrival in the film industry. Your role as a doctor in that film with the cynical view of life bagged you the Filmfare for the best supporting actor but soon your career went topsy turvy with 12 flops. It was only after Zanjeer where your role as the police officer ushered you in a new hero and you got the title of "Angry Young Man"

After that, you never looked back. Films such as Deewar where your swag was a treat to eyes, Jai in Sholay who is the embodiment of a carefree criminal and whose care and love for others shines in our hearts. Your chemistry in that film with Veeru aka Dharmendra is the epitome of friendship.

This teaches us that we have to keep working in order to achieve our goal. There will be hurdles in the path but if we continue to possess the resilient spirit then we can overcome everything.

Your romantic roles in movies such as Kabhi Kabhie, Silsila, Lawaaris made you desirable in the hearts of several women because of your charming personality reflected onscreen and your role of villain in movies such as Don, broke the stereotype of heroes can't be villains and proved that heroes can also be villains. The dialogues of this film are still embedded in our hearts such as "Don Koh Pakadna Mushkil Hi Nahi Na Mumkin Hai"

Your smartness and effortless acting in this film make both the characters of Don and Vijay our all-time favorites.

Your versatility as an actor was ventured through films such as Muqaddar ka Sikandar where you played a role of a tragic hero and Satte Pe Satta where you played the double role of both the protagonist and the antagonist.

Thereby you once again proved that we shouldn't confine ourselves in our comfort zones and should always look forward to engaging in new things in order to explore ourselves.

After you endured the injury from Coolie your return to films playing the title role of Shahenshah once again showed your optimistic spirit which inspired us.

Your role of Vijay Dinanath Chauhan in cult films Agneepath was loved by all of us not only because of the voice modulation which you did while delivering your dialogues but also because of the humanity embedded in the character even though it's dark.

However, your decision of semi-retirement for five years and entering into the production business pushed you towards bankruptcy and it is after playing the role of the strict professor in Mohabbatein you once again revived into the film industry.

Your firm faith in yourself and not giving up no matter in whatever gruesome situation of life you are in giving us immense hopes on our gloomy days. You taught us that in order to be successful failures are important.

Your metamorphosis in the Film Industry is something we all look up to.

From An Angry Young Man to jovial host in KBC ("Devio Aur Saajno") you did it all. Even in the 21st century, you gave a strong competition to your contemporaries who are half your age with diverse roles such as:

The Marlon-Brando-Esque character played you in Sarkar where your presence and body language made you look like a true-crime family boss.

The role of justice dispensing and truth-seeking lawyer in Pink who taught us the importance of the line "No means No"

The whiney sick old man in Piku who won our hearts with his portrayal of the little joys and sorrows of old age.

The way you incorporated the nuances of the chess game in Wazir and your unending mourning subverted by your magnanimous personality.

The Alzheimers teacher in Black who strived endlessly to bring light into the world of a student who cannot see moved us with an extreme zenith of emotional realism.

The child in Paa suffering from progeria where you blended into the character not only physically but psychologically and emotionally as well thus touching our hearts and bringing tears to our eyes.

And finally, the role of Badal Gupta in Badla where you taught us that "Badla lena sahi nahi hota, par maaf karna bhi hamesha sahi nahi hota"

Thank You Amit Ji for gifting us with such roles which we cherish as your fans and are treat to our eyes. You have been through zenith and nadir of times still you stand strong and that's what indeed makes you special.

Wishing You A Very Happy Birthday.

May you stay in the best of your health and we are looking forward to watching you in more films.


From your die-hard fan who idolizes you

Srilekha Mitra

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