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Myths About Love Which Manav And Unnati Turned Into Reality

1. "Lovebirds are real only in fairytales

Have you ever looked at how adorable they look together? Not every boy will ditch you, not every girl is a gold digger. There are still people left who genuinely love each other and here we have such a perfect example of "true love birds".

2. "Love can only destroy a person"

Love doesn't destroy anyone, it's the wrong person who destroys your life. When you love the right person, you won't feel stressed up, instead, you will have a happy life just like how Unnati keeps smiling by looking at Manav.

3. "Love was true only in the 90s"

Really? No, I don't think so because even in this contemporary generation if Unnati can get a person like Manav why can't you get someone like him?

4. "Love doesn't exist, it's just lust."

You cannot define something based on your own personal experience. Not every boy is a playboy, some boys can even just crave your smile. Have you ever noticed the way Manav keeps smiling when Unnati behaves like a child?

5. "Love completely changes a person."

Does love change you? Or is it because for one special person you change yourself?

Nothing can change you except only when you want to change yourself for your own sake or for someone special.

6. " Career is more important than love."

Indeed yes, a career is the most important thing in a person's life but sometimes when you have a very supportive partner, you don't face any problem because your partner himself helps you reach your goal.

7. "Soulmates aren't real."

When you love someone truly, you will never ever leave that person at any cost. People leave you when you become an option for them but when someone loves you truly that person won't ever leave you alone. Who can be a much better soulmate other than Manav for Unnati?

8. "Relationships are a waste of time."

Never compare your relationship with that of somebody else's story because every story has a different chapter and is unique in its own respective ways. So if you fail in your relationship that doesn't mean everyone will face the same.

// Ap hamare jaan ban gye - Manav and Unnati //

By Sruti Bhaumik

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