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Open Letter to Babu Bhaiya (Paresh Rawal) from Hera Pheri - The Project Quote

Dear Babu Bhaiya,

Though you had a grouchy tongue, but your heart was made of gold and you always managed to put a smile on our faces with your verbal fights, impromptu dance steps, and random fun banters. You are not a character, but an emotion that we wish existed in real.

You handled all the odds of your life in a unique style of your own and made them look so trivial. You were a man from ordinary walks of life we all could connect to, with your heavy glasses, dhoti, and with the childlike innocence but also had your share of anger issues, though you barely created any problem for others.

Raju, Shyam, and you also ended up being caught in a comedy of errors and cross-connections leaving us with a loud guffaw. Your hilarious humor you had put up every time be it from "Kon.. Ishwar woh ration wale dukan ka halkat baniya" or your pranks to the prank callers like a pro "Naap ka kya karna hai... naap me teroko bhejta hai na badme.. pehle toh kapra toh silkar bhej" will always be unforgettable.

You were a person of poor wit with overflowing melodramatic sarcastic nuances only with one dream to full your water tank with liquor. Your spectacles even more added to your physical humor and we loved you for the way you greeted your wretched callers with a barrage of insults and sarcasm every time they called you to ask about "fish."

To be honest, you were the soul of the whole story.

Trust me, our generation is never going to get over yours 'Ye Baburao ka Style hai' and Uthaa le deva uthaa le… mere ko nahin.. inn dono ko utha le."

Hugs and Love.


By Saloni Sharma

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