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Open Letter to Rustom Pavri: The Project Quote


Rustom Pavri.

Balancing personal and professional life at some point it becomes very difficult for everyone but when it comes to the Indian Army it's toughest. They Hardly get some time for family but you balanced it perfectly. you took utmost care of her no doubt but for you serving your nation was at the top priority list and you proved it.

While inspecting aircraft carrier which navy wanted to purchase, you found that hull was corroded and was not seaworthy, you refused to purchase but they try to persuade you by bribing and asked for a false report, you didn't. When the higher authority Officer was Also corrupted, it was not easy for you but you had unwavering love and commitment for your country.

It was completely disheartening for you to see those love letters in the cupboard and confronting them to Cynthia, she tried to explain. Your rage was highly justifiable though killing Vikram was something unexpected but then you surrendered yourself to the police shows your respect and honesty towards laws. You avoided Chyntia but love always finds its way.

You talked to her and you realised that Vikram took advantage of her loneliness With the connivance of his sister and she fell for him. He took revenge for slapping him. But you took a stand for your wife, you believed and defended her.

I was startled when you pleaded not guilty, unexpectedly. You proved that you shot him in self-defense, you and Lobo decided not to expose them in the courtroom as you never wanted citizens to see the entire navy corrupted because of few people, shows your concern towards navy.

From the bottom of my heart, I wanted you to be proved as not guilty and Your patriotism and people's belief in you, you were declared not guilty by jury members.

You and Cynthia went out the courtroom heads held up high. After all how long can the sun survive without its light, the eclipse may come and go but its light is constant till eternity. You're an inspiration for many, who not only served his country with all your heart but also supported your wife when she was guilty and felt alone for all that happened.

With love,

Someone who saw an honest navy officer and a caring husband in you.

By Shahitiya

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