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Open Letter to the 3rd Idiot of the clan

Dear Farhan (@actormaddy)

That 3rd Idiot of the clan, that somewhere feels home. From the brightest kid in the class to the kid who fears life, you are that average grade student with extraordinary dreams that the kid inside understands.

‘Farhan Qureshi B. Tech Engineer’ you lived and followed this tag all your life until it was the right time to break the truth bomb. Living around strict parents that dream for you, you slowly yet steadily learned to show that it is not about their dreams but you!

From leaving the flight midway to take up that road trip to meet that friend, you never knew would even recognize you! It was all about friendship that you taught...Life is a crazy journey and makes even more fun around the craziest people. Raju and Rancho were those walls you could fall back to! From accompanying Raju down the list in academics to stealing paper with Rancho, you were there for them even in their worsts.

Life is always about what you leave behind from your hard work, passion, and dedication; you walked a long way from engineering to photography to writing books. Each time making it possible for you and us.

You sailed your way through life, around everything that happened. From your predetermined career to your love for friends and passion that rolled your way ahead.

All is well, and I hope it's forever:)


Dearest Fan.

By Dishi

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