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It's a silent rainy night, you sit by your window looking out at nothing in particular but just shifting sight from the raindrops dangling from electric cables to the way they look under the street lamp.

The sounds of droplets falling on various surfaces form an orchestra that is soothing to your tired ears. There's a slight breeze, cool only to the extent that you enjoy as it brushes past your face but not chill enough to give you shivers.

As you close your eyes, listening to the melody of dancing droplets, feeling the breeze comfort your worried face, you momentarily forget all your targets and troubles and transcend smoothly into your memories. It's not the painful recollection of your past that makes you miss it and regret the present, it's rather a calm journey into the moments you once lived and can forever cherish.

Memories of your most heartwarming times flash on the blankness of your closed eyelids as you lose yourself in their embrace.

You get reminded of your school days, when you used to wait for a rainy day to be declared a holiday, when you were eager to grow up thinking childhood was boring when you used to hold your parents' finger and walk home, chattering all along the way.

You get reminded of childhood summer vacations and cartoon binge sessions and the time when you used to play hide and seek with your neighborhood friends. You also feel yourself living those times when you believed that the moon follows the car you're in and that trees would grow out of your stomach if you swallowed seeds. Gradually, as you relive such moments, you realize how much you've changed and now that you've actually grown up, how much you long to be a child again.

You realize how happiness, which used to be your normal state of being now comes only if there are reasons. You realize how things that seemed huge then have become tiny now and vice versa. You realize how you often failed to enjoy those moments to the fullest because you were waiting for the future and you realize that life doesn't stop, nor does it move backward.

These realizations hit you hard, but they don't cause pain, nor do they cause to regret because you've come to accept everything as is.

You're now learning to embrace the moments you didn't in the past and live in the present moment before it's lost and the cycle goes on, all over again.

You decide to try living beyond your targets and deadlines and try to enjoy the little things yet again. You learn to awaken your inner child which was buried under layers of materialistic aims and hidden emotions. With this, you realize that the sound of rain is fading and you open your eyes, smiling at yourself, and go to sleep, peacefully for once

By Krishna Samhita

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