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Reasons Why English Vinglish Is Still Special To Us | The Project Quote

English Vinglish has completed 8 years today and is still a special movie that taught us many things. Here is why the movie is still special to us:

Sridevi's performance as Shashi

When Sridevi played the role of Shashi in English Vinglish she struck the right chord with the heart of every housewife as she perfectly portrayed their struggles on the silver screen.

Call out to our obsession with English

Given the society we live in, we have a mindset that whosoever has a good command over English is considered classy and intelligent. We tend to have an inclination towards them. However, English Vinglish came with a perfect reality check that one’s command over English isn’t the criteria to judge one’s intellect or treat anyone as inferior.

Made us realize the importance of mothers

Mothers, who form the backbone of the family, are often taken for granted in the family. There have been times when we have been rude to our mothers without realizing that they also have feelings, hopes, and dreams. However, English Vinglish taught us that our mothers are much more than just being moms. And just because they love us unconditionally does not mean we can take them for granted.

Mehdi Nebbou’s charm will make you go weak on your knees

English Vinglish marked Mehdi’s debut in Bollywood and his charm not just became an overnight star in India but also made the women go weak on their knees. Besides, Mehdi’s chemistry with Sridevi also bagged the eyeballs.

English Vinglish’s life lessons are a treasure we must cherish forever

English Vinglish also came with some important life lessons which taught us the importance of self-love. The movie explained that we don’t need approval from everyone to be happy in life, however, it feels great if your family stands by your side in good times or bad.


By Srilekha Mitra

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