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Replica Of An Ideal Woman - The Project Quote

"Your Amma is not the ideal woman,

you know!"

I heard Appa murmuring

from his left side of the bed

a delusional women's idealism

clogging the memory of a 57 yrs old

(or maybe more)

deep in his very hypothalamus.

how any piously ideal woman

is just about

seeking her shrine in a home

entirely her spouse's rearrangement

even his mean orders should

be a priority on her

morally soul purpose domain.

"Appa you know I'm right here"

I fired back. Obviously!!!!

a little extra 10% love for

Amma pursued my rebel coz

for a quiet long passage

covering the entire two decades

of what I have know

was being propelled. My

Amma has never failed

to be morally ideal but

a beautiful mind out of all.

She chose to wait outside

the premises holding a

burgundy umbrella

(a fierce color. Isn't it?)

on extreme summers for their

4-yr old

crossing those heated up

sweat drenching roads

when her husband's salary wasn't

complied with bus fares.

She has always prepared

every meal out of love,

sometimes feasts too

guarded their daughter

to the tuition centers yet

never missed

to lend her shoulder

as a best friend.

She has attended each

PTA meetings where her

husband never offered to join them


all she could manage was to

smile at their daughter blankly

when asked. She has

sheltered her fears inside

just in case

they don't seep into

their daughter's nightmares.

She has birthed and

beautifully brought

up 'a warrior', as she

calls me pleating braids

from those lumpy clusters of

my hairs.

people had often told her

"how come your daughter

is so beautiful?

She doesn't even look yours"

but she never fired back any

words slashing their tongues

by her wisdom rather she

got herself busy making world

a bit better

despite those dark stares.

She is fierce and proportionally

she wants their daughter to

be, a fierce fighter

also kind enough to bend

even her foes

on their knees.

She is what you call a goddess

or more accurately a wonder

woman nowadays.

She is an epitome of

love, happiness, and life, what

resembles a true choice of how

an ideal woman should be.


My Appa has come a long way

with his belief of what ideal is


growing up what he had seen

was just another ideal replica

mirroring his mother only.

A woman who would sustain

her entire life on three khadi saree,

with her abilities to make

the most delicious curry

felt like heaven in every scoop

he would gulp

pondering his heart more and


feeding insufficient tummies

erasing misery like a true Teresa

sister would have done.

she was his epitome of bravery,

crooked smile and a pair

of hope glimmering eyes.

His entire life

brought up by one definition

one ideal deal is what he saw

now a sudden change. A sudden

flip of choices was might

not be a good sustain.

for one had his heart

and other made him follow


Appa often talks about

how I portray a stale

replica of his mother,

a memory in his brain also

the essence of his wife's stubborn-

ness, a life he has no right

to blame

joint by his lone


For him, an amalgamation lies

within his offspring.

A definition he himself is seeing

everyday change.

Appa might not be the

the best expert of women

or idealism coz what

all this time he had seen is a

change of choices. A choice.

A change of practices casting

shadows over his


P.S. - Appa loves Amma, don't get me wrong but somethings are incompetent as you know.


By Shivani Negi

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