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Rewinding Memories With Songs Of Arijit Singh On His Birthday

1. Tum hi ho

The song that made Arijit a household name, Tum Hi Ho remains one of his best songs of all time. Aditya & Shraddha's sizzling chemistry to the melodious tunes of this track makes it a song to remember forever.

2. Tujhe kitna chahne lage

A zephyr of pain & love strung together, this track takes you on a journey to an eternal love that you want to drown yourself in, because nothing in the world makes more sense than it.

3. Humdard

An underrated gem with words that are pearls of magic, Humdard is a soothingly soulful track that leaves you in tears of joy, gaping at the beauty of the magical emotion that love is.

4. Hawayein

A track whose essence lies in its fleeting nature, Hawayein makes you swoon to the lesson of enjoying love at the moment. It teaches you to embrace the ephemeral nature of love & to slurp up every ounce of it before it slips away.

5. Kalank

An iconic number with an unforgettable chorus, Kalank is a ballad of affection & tragedy, which makes one surrender completely to the divinity of love.

It's about giving love the ode it deserves, instead of treating it like a sin.

6. Samjhawan

A song soulful enough to touch the innermost speck of your heart, Samjhawan is a lover's cry amidst a sea of chaos. It believes in the magic of a companion whose absence makes life miserable, & to wait for them is to wait for everlasting joy.

7. Enna Sona

A hymn that celebrates all the beauty in a person that love brings out, Enna Sona describes the warm fuzziness that lingers in your heart all the time when you're swimming deep in the waters of love.

8. Raabta

Another one of his initial chartbusters, Raabta is a melody of gratitude when after years of searching among a sea of people, your one true love finally knocks at your door, & they're everything you ever asked for, & all that you'll ever need.

By Aashvi Shah

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