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Teachers from Cinema, we all fell in love with - Teacher's Day Special - The Project Quote

We all have had teachers we loved and some we hated and there were the extraordinary ones who changed our lives forever even if we never realized it earlier. Here are some of my favorite teachers from the cinema.

1. Anand Kumar, Super 30

Based on the real-life legend, this movie showed how a teacher gave up his own wealth and future to train some unprivileged kids and ensuring they deserve what they get. All his students made it big as he promised them, they would. This man was a visionary in the Indian education field, and the movie makes us fall in love with his intelligence and sacrifices all over again.

2. Ram Shankar Nikumbh, Taare Zameen Par

How can we ever forget the sensitive art teacher who opened many parents' eyes when he recognized not only Ishaan's problem but also his talent. The way he connected with all his students and always went out of his way to help them was so heartwarming to watch. He proved that every child is special and should be dealt with in the right way.

3. Naina Mathur, Hichki

Naina never her disability to lessen her determination as a teacher. She saw potential in all her students alike. Her quote, "There are no bad students, just bad teachers" proved how dedicated she was to her students. She forgave all their mistakes and gave them hope to achieve everything they are capable of. Her resilience was very inspiring.

4. Santosh Duggal, Do Dooni Chaar

This movie showed us the struggles our teachers face in their personal lives with one of the most underpaid jobs ever. Duggal sir knows how many students make fun of him but he still teaches with the same zeal. When he comes across a student and realizes how much he meant to some of his students, he decides to stay honest to his profession like he always had been no matter hai difficult things got back home.

5. Kabir Khan, Chak De India

This coach had faith in a team that had no faith in themselves. He made sure the team worked hard and crossed all the hurdles to make their country proud. He was a strict man but he knew all his students in and out. He was not only a true patriot but a very strong guide to the woman hockey team and it was not only their's but his hard work too that made them win the final match.

6. Narjit Singh, Mary Kom

He always pushed Mary to be the best version of herself from her first time in a boxing ring to the day she achieves world championship. Though they have a fallout, he agrees to train her again when she had lost all hope. He made Mary believe how becoming a mother didn't make her incapable of being a champion, if anything, it made way stronger than before.


By Swadha Agrawal

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