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There is something about incomplete stories, something bittersweet | Before Sunrise | TPQ

I was a little taken aback when I saw Celine agree to spend the day with a stranger. What if it turned ugly? My romantic heart was excited about the possibilities but my logical mind said that was impractical.

For the next hour, Jesse and Celine took me through a plethora of emotions of attraction and curiosity which slowly turned into love and ended with hope.

Their honest love without any judgment was something that my weary heart yearned for. They didn’t care about their past or worry about the future of this unfamiliar relationship. As the goodbyes drew nearer, their last-minute promises to meet again made me hopeful of a reunion.

Maybe one day they would be together. Or maybe what they had was more precious than an entire lifetime of togetherness.

There is something about incomplete stories. Something bittersweet. But tell me, what does forever mean?

Does that one special relationship which is not defined in the dictionary still count as a forever?


By Madhura Chowdhury

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