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Things I Felt When Nawazzudin Siddiqui Said These Lines - Happy Birthday Gaitonde Bhau

When Nawazzudin Siddiqui said

1. "Aadmi andar se jitna bhi kaala hota hai, duniya ke saamne utna hi safed banne ki koshish karta hai"

Sacred Games

I remembered my past lover who promised me forever and loyalty when all the while he was building a castle of lies, taking away my pieces, one by one.

2. "Aadmi toh karke bhool jaata hai par uska kiya kahin nahin jaata. Ghoomkar ek din uske samne zaroor aata hai"

Babumoshai Bandookbaaz

My mind was occupied with all the mistakes I had committed in the past and wasn't able to forgive myself until today, be it letting fear change my decisions, or staying longer in a relationship where I wasn't valued.

3. "Log kehta hai hum pagal hai, Apna Zindagi khrab kar raha hai!"

Manjhi The Mountain Man

Pursuing my dream of becoming a dancer wasn't an easy thing, for there were people to mock at the choices I made and the path I chose.

4. "Bhagwan ke bharose mat baithiye, kya pata bhagwan humare bharose baitha ho"

Manjhi The Mountain Man

On those sleepless nights, when I was consumed with darkness and depression, I was counting on a miracle for everything to be fine the very next day. I wish I had remembered that God helps those who help themselves.

5. "Maut ko choo ke tak se wapas aa sakta hoon"


I was reminded of the moment when I was almost caught gazing into the eyes of my professor I crushed on. My heart starts to beat faster when I remember the day. Oh! Only I know how mesmerizing, and daring it was all at once.

6. "Jeet mein toh har aadmi saath deta hai…saathi toh woh hai joh haar mein bhi saath de"

Freaky Ali

I looked at the dusted photograph with smiling faces and shed tears for the friends I had lost.

7. "Kabhi kabhi galat train bhi sahi jagah pahuncha deti hai"

The Lunchbox

Some of my choices in life might be wrong, but they made me land up in a better place. Be it cutting my hair short, being tattooed, or getting over my ex.

By Adity

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