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Things That Vicky Kaushal Dialogues Made Me Feel

When Vicky Kaushal said:

"How's the Josh" ( Uri:The Surgical Strike)

I wanted to tell the world that I'm tired of chasing my dreams, and at some point in my life, I feel like giving up. But, every time I heard "high Sir" in chorus, I became more stronger than I was yesterday.

"Tiger hai tu Tiger'' Roar, Roar, Roar'' (Sanju)

The spark of self-belief was awakened in me. I did let go of my insecurities, and looked my fears in the eye. I pushed my deep seated fears aside in the aftermath of acting courageous because I believed in MYSELF.

"Saala ye dukh kaahe khatam nahi hota hai be" (Masaan)

I was reminded of the friends I lost, people who disappeared from my life without saying a goodbye, my marksheet, the weight I gained, and many more such problems. I remembered the nights when I cried myself to sleep, and wished for a happy morning.

"Nahin samajh aati zimmedari mujhe" (Mannarziyaan)

I sighed, and pondered over the times I messed up, be it remembering the special dates, selecting the perfect gift for my loved ones, or choosing the right guy to marry.

"Main kahna chahta tha ki khud ko akela mat samjho" (Raazi)

I pictured the face of my parents who always trusted in me, my best friend who always stood by me through thick and thin, my teacher who had helped me learn, grow, and evolve over time, and the furry face of my dog I felt in my bosom when he ran to greet me.

By Adity Sinha

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