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To Akash and Kiara On 10 Years Of Anjaana Anjaani | The Project Quote

To Akash and Kiara(Anjana Anjani)

It isn’t surprising that when an iceberg of melancholy and loss succumbs on us, it becomes unbearable to go through it, something which happened to you both. Akash, losing the entire business that he built up with his dreams, and Kiara faced infidelity with her love since childhood.

I guess stars that shined that night up in the sky somehow wanted your paths to cross, preventing each other from losing your lives, although Kiara babbled, and maybe it was the alcohol talking but did stop Akash from jumping!

Kiara was right, destiny does work, so you tried tons of ways to put a halt to the life you thought was miserable, yet failed because you were destined to meet each other, to find the purpose you were looking for because “tu na Janey aas pas hai khuda”, and waited for the next new year to arrive till then accomplish all your last wishes, be it swimming in the middle of Atlantic Ocean, to falling in love, which did happen!

It gave hopes to many hearts and a message that people strive to live, and it’s a gift not to be overlooked. There are billions of prayers wishing for their lives yet, a sudden action puts a gault to so much one could have achieved, like the doc in the hospital said when Kiara woke up after she attempted to end it all with poison. It might seem like earth is dawning upon you, but there’s always at least one single reason to live for!

When Aakash dropped Kiara to her home in her “blush” it broke our hearts but marked an essence of true love, for his wish did come true, but little did we know Kunal wasn’t the Lucky Guy, be it his weird gift choices but he did drop her off on his bike. With her, running in bridal lehenga and shoes on streets in the new year, you both again crossed your paths at the very same bridge and the bottle that you threw in the ocean with a message that one who finds it finds at least one reason to live! And I know it would be ice-chill cold in the waters but the moonlight blessed two souls for they found a new reason not to give up life for!

Thank you for making us realize that situations might get tough, and it seems preposterous to what purpose is left but, there are always billions of reasons to fight for maybe an ”Anjana“ in the paths of your life might teach “Anjani” that it’s all gonna fall in place, just give it some time and let it snow till then, for there’s always a ray of hope!


Anjani and anjanas that realise “aas pas hai khuda”


By Shruti Yadav

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