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To Meghna From Jai, 13 Years Of Jaane Tu Yaa Jaane Naa

Dear Meghna,

You were the anchor I held onto during a tumultuous phase of my life. Now when I look back to the night we met, it resembles like a fairy tale, you, a princess dressed in red, and me, a prince dramatically rescuing you from those two rough men in the club.

Meghna the way you basked in the make-believe world delving deep into your imagination, shielded me from the blatant truths of pragmatism at times when they inflicted pain in my heart.

Being with you always felt exhilarating, your way of perceiving and infusing life into the inanimate objects fascinated me, Meghna I wasn't the first person you dated, but I was the one you brought home and it indeed made me feel special until I was acquainted with your parents, for an instance I felt you were living in denial, living a lie, I wanted to confess my heart out when you asked, "Do you liked my parents?" but I couldn't, I wanted that smile on your face to linger forever.

Meghna, the way you accepted my gang of quirky friends and even befriended them elated me, but I could never give my heart and soul into our relationship as I always loved Meow. I was ignorant of my love for Aditi, but being in your presence when my heart was pierced by her absence, that's when I realized I could never love anyone other than Aditi.

That night when I chided you for living a life of pretense and the emotional outburst of your troubled childhood to escape which, you took refuge in this imaginary world of happy endings and true love, made me feel so numb that I couldn't comfort you but now when I look back, I wish I should've shared your grief but I didn't since I was too self-absorbed about my own unfulfilled love story with Meow at that time.

Meghna it's true that I messed up and the guilt of not being able to wave you a proper goodbye still haunts me yet without you I would have never been able to acknowledge my love for Meow.

Even after 13 years, I am still bewildered about the name I should give to our relationship but some relationships indeed can't be put under any name as they can't be expressed in words. I wanted us to stay friends yet could never muster up the courage to admit it.

I and Aditi are happily married now and we have two beautiful kids, on days when we both run out of bedtime stories to put them to sleep we implement your concept of, "What's this?" and you would be glad to know that it equally enchants them just like it did to us.

Meghna I know a five lettered word(Sorry) won't be enough to lighten the burden of the emotional turmoil you once went through consequential of my abandonment yet I want to apologize to you from the bottom of my heart and in the distant future yearn to give you a tight hug to renew our bond which will be of friendship.

Someone who is eternally grateful to you for making Rats and Meow concede their love disguised in friendship.

Yours Jai

Written By Srilekha Mitra

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tanvi nagvekar
tanvi nagvekar
Aug 13, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Beautifully written! I just got the glimpse of all Meghna-Jai moments after reading this. The way he fell for her (even though it was just a infatuation), the way their short-lived love flourished, the way it ended and also the way he realized his love for Aditi at the end. Although Jai did bad to Meghna, this apology letter filled with love as friends, gratefulness and sincere apology, I think Meghna will definitely forgive Jai.

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