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To The Naina, A Character That Moved A Lot Of Us - 8 Years Of YJHD

Dear Naina,

The purity that your character beholds is quite evident by the fact, how it moved a lot of us who identified ourselves with you. You defied those typical sketches of funloving people going crazy all the time, instead brought about the reality of the silent ones, unfolding, how they too somewhere sought for fun and liveliness.

Naina, while the world looked over you as a nerdy introvert, I identified you with timid yet courageous, conscious yet fun-seeking, and sensible yet crazy, all personalities all at the same. When this scholar Naina turned out with the biggest decision to leave her house for that vacation, finally for her sake, you made us feel brave. You always wanted to enjoy but, needed a hand that could strongly accompany you with your timidness. You secretly craved for a bunny who could hold a Mike for you, when your eyes revealed the seekingness to complete the lyrics, but your consciousness kept trembling your head down.

Naina, what made you so different was the simplicity you carried. You were courageous in your own tender way when you decided to climb a mountain, that was haunted enough for others to keep their ways apart. I hope I could tell you, how you made us burst together with joy and laughter for the immense braveness and spontaneity you showed while fighting. But your real strength spoke to us, the moment you decided to hold your feelings for bunny instead of confessing it right then. When you love someone, you want them to be Happy..with or without you, and that's exactly what you did. You were a fighter inside.

When you shielded your discomfort, with a book behind while secretly craving to go to the party, a lot of others could resonate with you.

Naina, you were never boring, but somewhere lacked self-love. Love that you always had for others. Love, which could make you read insecure Aditi, who sat back sad, watching Avi clinging around to other girls. You were sensitive. You carried the depth to pause and live the moment. You were beautiful.

So, When bunny said " tumhari jaisi ladkiyan ishq ke liye bani hai" I could easily identify that it was your genuineness and simplicity that made him fall for you.

"Every bunny needs her Naina"

Thank you for existing!

By Rounak Maheshwari

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