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Types of best friends - Friendship Day - The Project Quote

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

1. Social media best friend

This person isn't someone you necessarily talk to all the time or see outside of a screen. They may be someone you added on Facebook because you knew them in high school. You've talked to them a total of 10 times. However, you always comment on and like each other's posts, and from personal experience, there's a lot of trust in this relationship. This person is someone you know will message you if you post about having a crappy day or if you and your significant other, break up.

2. The work best friend

"Let's get drinks after this crazy day, yeah?"

"I heard Sally slept with him."

"Let's get lunch!"

These are the conversations you have with your work best friend. This is the one person you aren't going to hang out with on the weekends, but you go to lunch, you gossip about office rumors, and you grab a margarita at the crappy bar down the street to unwind. You might even discuss your families or kids (if you have any). You only text each other to warn the other that you're going to be sick that day.

3. The age-gap best friend

The general age-gap for this friendship is with someone either five years older than you or five years younger than you. I don't think I could be friends with a 14-year-old, but maybe when I'm 25, I could be friends with a 20-year-old. That would work a lot better. This is just a person who happens to be quite a bit younger or older than you, but you click. You work in just the right way that regardless of your age, you're going to be friends.

4. The long-distance best friend

Considering I grew up in a town that is a little over 1600 miles from the one I'm currently living in, I have a few of these. There are also those few people who had cool vacations and met people there and are now friends with. This is someone who you literally can't see regularly unless one of you moves. You try and keep each other updated on life stuff, but sometimes time gets away from you and that's okay. When you talk again it'll be like no time has passed, and you still talk to each other the same way you would if you were closer.

5. The best friend who is your twin

It should go without saying, but this person, is you, in another body. They love everything you love, you guys hardly ever argue, you're into the same kind of people (which might start some arguments), but essentially, you're twins born in separate wombs. That's kind of crazy to think about, but that's the best way I can explain it. It's like you can read each other's minds too, which is my favorite part. I don't have to say anything, just look, and it's done.

6. The best friend who knows too much

They literally just know too much. Like, they know everything. They know all of your quirks and awkward phases and they know you like the back of their hand. This is the person you tell all of your secrets too, that you trust with every part of your being. This person is your ride or die.

7. The media best friend

Different than the Social media best friend. This is the friend you share music, movies, photos, pins, and funny youtube videos with, usually in person. This is the person you invite over when pizza and an abstract documentary sound nice. It's safe to say, you don't see this friend too often, but you guys are always sending each other youtube videos and funny things that you want to watch together.

By Srilekha Mitra

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